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Amie One Fountain Project



This project is initiated by a few members of AmieOne to give aids to those who fall through the crevices of charity or are not fortunate enough to be eligible to Charity Funds. Whoever wants to join us in donating to any of the following cause, can donate at  MAKE A DONATION on this website or email us at  . Please also specify the good cause that you are donating to. 




Consolation Money

Not all blindness can be saved and some unfortunate ones get the bad news that their blindness cannot be cured in one of the outreach organised by A New Vision - a charity organisation that gives free Cataract surgeries to the blind living in poverty. So we can only give them a small sum as consolation. Hopefully they can feel our little warmth as they continue their struggles in life.











Cambodia After-school Centre for Vulnerable Kids

Cambodia Care Centre is setting up an after-school shelter for vulnerable girls. These girls live in community houses where they share the same roof with other families. During the day, their parents have to work and only go back home in the evening. After going back from school, these girls stay at home by themselves and thus are vulnerable to sexual abuse.




Weekly Vegetarian Meal For 413 Cambodian Kids at Cambodia Care Centre

We understand that one of the heavy expenses of providing free education to poor kids who would have otherwise roamed the streets, comes from feeding these 413 poor kids with a healthy lunch after school. Together with compassionate people, we contribute to providing weekly vegetarian meal to these kids at US$0.80 per meal per kid. The objective of this Weekly Vegetarian Meal is to educate kids about Healthy Lifestyle and World Peace starts with No Killing.