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Cambodia Care Centre




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Helping others in their Education is also Helping ourselves to build a Better World


Community Outreach

We also take care of their physical needs and living conditions. With our support, we help the widows, newborn babies, the helpless and homeless to improve their conditions through education, community projects and programs.



Many poor families in our community were living in very old houses, some without proper roofing and toilet. Some of these houses were closed to collapsing which was very dangerous. Because of their poverty they have to remain in their broken down houses. This project aims to provide a better and safer living condition by rebuilding or repairing the houses for these poor families.



Cambodia Care School provides free high quality education to the poor and needy children. Cambodia Care School has been approved and recognized by the Cambodian Ministry of Education. The school uses the Cambodian School National Curriculum. Currently we run pre-school and primary classes. Beside the academic curriculum we also inculcate Godly values and character development. In addition we also provide English and Computer Skills training. We pray and believe that our students will grow up to become future citizens who will have a positive effect on their community and their country.