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Challenges or Sufferings Make One a Better Human Being


Analogy Contest  >  Life Awakens

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KenCan1 | 09 December,2021 (09 December,2021 SG)
Sufferings will cause deeper reflection

Postive reflection View More

KenCan1 | 10 December,2021 (10 December,2021 SG)
Sufferings cause more sufferings in negative reflection

Sufferings when reflected in a negative way can easily snowball a life into greater sufferings View More

Standard (Free)
Hearty | 06 September,2022 (06 September,2022 SG)
Let's learn how to learn and change

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” View More

Sunflower | 03 September,2022 (03 September,2022 SG)
Everything happens for a reason.

Everything that we are doing has been planned. That includes our actions, emotions and thinking. For example, I believe in Allah. I always hear from my muslims friends that things has been planned by Allah. Allah knows everything about us, then, now and even our future. From my example, this highlights that we have to accept it. No matter how disappointed we are, we should have the po... View More

Excellence | 03 September,2022 (03 September,2022 SG)

Humans are all born pure, like a piece of white paper. But as we grow, we are influenced by our environment, society and temptations started to fill in. We wanted things to happen in our own way at our own timing… When we don’t get them, we start to lament and question why. What if now I am to tell you the cold hard truth, that life is about suffering? Unless one suffers, and EMBRACE ... View More

Dewdrop | 28 August,2022 (28 August,2022 SG)

Depression occurs when , you tend to self isolate and push everyone to be there for you . And mostly when we keep on blaming ourself to not giving chances to let ourself amend things. I do go through depression before and trust me , alot came in my mind and mostly is suicide thoughts . One day , and angel came along and assisted me through my emotions , reactions and thoughts . With a... View More

Majestic | 28 August,2022 (28 August,2022 SG)

Sometimes in life, you may suffer setbacks or hardships. But if you can preserve on, it may make you a better person. By giving up or finding easier alternatives, like 躺平or摆烂, one may not suffer but s/he will not be able to achieve in life. There is also an English saying: no pain, no gain. A simple and literal example is the training of sportsmen. Their trainings are tough but only b... View More

Radiant | 28 August,2022 (28 August,2022 SG)
What goes around comes around.

What we do good to others, one day the goodness that we spread will get back to us when we need help but if we do or spread bad things then the same bad things will find its way back to us. So keep spreading good positive vibes so more goodness will come back in return to us and also it’ll makes the world a better place to live in. Through hardship, we feel and experiences the need... View More

WiseMind | 28 August,2022 (28 August,2022 SG)
Many times in life, we may take for granted certain things until a disaster strikes. Some might see if as suffering, but one can also choose to raise above...

I believe that everything that happens in life happens for a reason. And the hardships that come are here to teach valueable life lessons. Many times, living in a modern society, we are always hustling and bustling to make ends meet. Hardships can be a time for one to re-examine life priorities and gain appreciation for the things taken for granted. For instance, a busy executive m... View More

Rainbow | 27 August,2022 (27 August,2022 SG)
What does not kill us make us stronger

From a decent family of 10 siblings, I'm the last and the only "Black sheep".. Ruin my entire life, it's hard to stay clean and positive, from bad to worse.. untill something hit me really hard that wake me up...He goes Permanently while I'm not around.. That makes me wanna change from Negative to Positive.. That is what does not kill us make us stronger.... View More

FastMind | 27 August,2022 (27 August,2022 SG)
Life is so unpredictable, Be Humble

I believe we should look out for each other no matter what age, regardless of race, religion or language. We can never know that one help to others can actually make them feel better on moving forward to their day and life. We may not understand what they are going thru or what they are facing, but with help in any form of way, its always a treasure to others and we never know, they m... View More

BrilliantMind | 27 August,2022 (27 August,2022 SG)
Be nice and get rewarded when the time is right.

When life give you lemons make lemonade. Nice things will happen when the time is right. View More

LifeWarrior | 20 August,2022 (20 August,2022 SG)
There is a gift behind all sufferings

Believe that sufferings are here to make us evolve and change to better self. Once we overcome sufferings, we will be a changed person. If we can still be of higher vibrational energy eg gratitude, love and peace even during suffering, we can maintain this energy level even when the outside environment is bad. High vibrational energy allow us to connect to higher dimensional beings. I... View More

LifeChanger | 20 August,2022 (20 August,2022 SG)
What does not kill us makes us stronger.

hardship seems like a negative thing that no one would want to experience it. However, it does bring some benefits for the ones who try to fight it. everyone has his or her own potential to deal with difficulties that we are not aware of. we would find it surprising that we are actually capable of handling it. most of the time when we suffer and experience miserable situations, we ... View More

SilentContemplation | 13 August,2022 (13 August,2022 SG)
Nurture our virtues regardless of the external situation being good or bad

The cyclist taught me that regardless of what is defined as a "positive" and "negative" situation in life we always have a choice on how we want to look at it and deal with it. For example the cyclist can choose to sulk, and grumble that doing good to others does not lead to good rewards for oneself - like 好人没好报, or curse heaven or deities, or blame the persons and situations leading ... View More

Zhouwx | 13 August,2022 (13 August,2022 SG)
What is needed to become a good leader ?

To become a good leader , one must have empathy . There is a good and bad alpha , learn to become a good alpha rather then a bad alpha . Love, kindness , empathy , generosity and openness are some of the good points of a good alpha . Learn to lead the pack . In order to learn , u must suffer , u become wiser after each lesson. Accumulate enough wisdom in life . The wi... View More

CoolThoughts | 13 August,2022 (13 August,2022 SG)
Sufferings come from mistakes

Sufferings in life is inevitable when one makes wrong decisions and actions. Learning from observation n then applying self-reflection, can save us lots of mistakes n sufferings. Never be beaten by sufferings as there are always lessons to be learned and new good virtues and wisdom to be acquired. Always turn to good, virtuous friends for advice and remember to exercise perseverance... View More

HumbleMe21 | 12 August,2022 (12 August,2022 SG)
Life challenges nurture our vaulues

Life is always about family, work, health and career. When there is good health n work, one will be busy building one's career. However. Covid changed a lot of things in life. First, work is no longer secured as biz dropped n employees have to work part-time or even end up jobless. Next, the health risk from Covid is continuous. Just two years, we are living in fast-changing situation... View More

KenCan1 | 10 December,2021 (10 December,2021 SG)
Sufferings can train our fighting spirit

Challenge our spirit to overcome any obstacles in life View More

KenCan1 | 10 December,2021 (10 December,2021 SG)
Life without sufferings is a wasted life

Sufferings give an objective to life View More