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KenCan1 | 15 December,2019 (15 December,2019 SG)
Share our blessings and let the light shines far and beyond

Some people think that sharing our blessings will cause it to deplete faster. In fact, on the contrary of this misunderstanding, our blessings grow automatically and naturally when we use our blessings to benefit others. Different people are blessed with different blessings. Some have good memory and can remember well, some have analytic mind and are good problem-solvers, some are ... View More

Orient | 09 February,2018 (09 February,2018 SG)
helping others are basically helping your own self

It is our utmost responsibility to help other people around us. God has sent all of us for some reason and it on us to understand that and help other people. Almost every person has to go through certain stages of life starting off being infant and ends at the old age. During this, we are dependant on to others and at some stage, people depend on us so somehow everyone has to depen... View More

AmieOne | 01 December,2017 (02 December,2017 SG)

来自Amie One参赛样本 (不要投票给此提交) 我意识到自己通过敏锐的观察和帮助别人的过程中学得更快。 能用有限的生命,体验生活的种种。例如,有人自愿帮助寺庙准备素食,过程中的经验让她后来开了自己的素食生意。一个不求回报的付出,换回来的是不可思议的因果。 我希望以上是令人反思和有教育性的分享,能获得您的投票。感谢您的阅读。 (You may use English or Chinese to submit your Answer. 您可用英文或华文提交。) View More

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HumbleMe21 | 09 April,2018 (09 April,2018 SG)
Appreciate People Who Give

I was down with a flat tyre on my way in Malaysia. I went to a nearby car repair shop and asked for a change of tyre. The car mechanic had a hard time getting out the old tyre as it was tightened through usage. After the tyre was changed, the car mechanic just charged me a humble S$5 for an hour of hard work. I was so taken aback and thanked him. i have since patronised this humbl... View More

SilentContemplation | 02 December,2017 (02 December,2017 SG)
Sharing methods to protect our eyes 分享保护眼睛的方法

1) Changing Lifestyle改变生活习惯 We spend a lot of time looking at computer, handphone, tv screens. All these will require eye energy, hence prolonged use will increase rate of degeneration. How to protect? Practice looking at screens in a relax manner and not staring at them. Zoom in to increase font size so we won’t over strain. Wear glasses with blue light filter. Avoid ... View More

AmieOne | 01 December,2017 (02 December,2017 SG)
Life is short so learn to help others and then we will know how to genuinely help our life to be better

Sample Entry from Amie One (Don't vote for this entry) I realize I learn faster through keen observation and helping others. Life is short and I cannot experience everything in life. So I decide to observe and then learn through helping others. For example, someone volunteered to help prepare vegetarian meals at a temple and later she opened her own vegetarian business. Acts of... View More