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Most Memorable Gift


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GoodKarma | 06 November,2022 (06 November,2022 SG)
Second Chance of life

Im an ex-convict.Currently i was jus in my Community Base Programme to serve the rest of my sentence. Family's is what i wanted to share here.I had fail my first marriage with 2 children's. My current wife have been struggling to support me while i been in prison . Having 5 childrens is not easy to cope with her works and daily routine.For the past 16 month she had endure and emot... View More

BrightCity | 06 November,2022 (06 November,2022 SG)
Faith in human

Every single time you help somebody stand up , you are helping humanity rise... Thru my struggle and ups and down... Im thank you with people around me , the volunteer that help me and my family.... The struggle was real but with the help of the nation , nothing is impossible.... View More

Northlight | 05 November,2022 (05 November,2022 SG)
During a difficult time, you will never know who is watching.

My most memorable gift is never about the amount given or by who. I was coming out from a bad phase picking myself up. I had just started working and at that point it will be Hari Raya in less than a month time. My hope was to get my children some new shoes and clothings with my first pay. Pay day comes (5 days before Hari Raya), I found out my pay was not credited as my bank accou... View More

CoolThoughts | 10 October,2022 (10 October,2022 SG)
Gift of a Second Chance in Life

It happened years ago when my hubby passed away and I was alone with three teenage kids. As I could not accept the loss, I began to be weakened spirtually and physically. This happened together when my kids also started to become irresponsible with their studies and wasting their lives away with games and videos. It seemed that we were all giving up on life and see life as so imperma... View More

Majestic | 09 October,2022 (09 October,2022 SG)
A simple story book for getting second position in class in Primary 2.

Last time when I attended school during my schooling days, the top 3 pupils doing well academically from each class will be awarded a prize each. Although this is the only time throughout my primary and secondary schools days that I was able to achieve the top 3 positions in class, it encourages me to study diligently and to do well in my studies and work in future. View More

LifeWarrior | 08 October,2022 (08 October,2022 SG)
gift of life

I am grateful to be alive. the creator gives me my body, health and wisdom. I have a poor body since young and easily distracted. I have experienced anorexia and lupus. With God's mercy and grace, I was able to get rid of these 2 illnesses. Even if I do not have these 2 illnesses now, i realize that we need to know what is the cause of these illnesses and repent on the causes so that ... View More

Radiant | 02 October,2022 (02 October,2022 SG)
The hand that gives means more.

When we are facing a dead end in our life or any difficult moments that make us stuck and unable to make any move or a turn, even a little help will means a lot. We may not know how much that small help that we gave out will mean to someone at that point of their life. Sometimes it may seems like a small and meaningless thing but to those who really need help at that point, those help... View More

SilentMind | 01 October,2022 (01 October,2022 SG)
Second chance at life

I was diagnosed endometrial cancer a few years ago. I had to choose between keeping my womb which meant frequent visits of chemo and a chance that the cancel cells will disappear or remove my womb and never having children. I chose to remove my womb. The road to recovery wasn't easy. I'm grateful to have my family and small circle of friends who stayed by my side. Im thankful for this... View More

SilentContemplation | 01 October,2022 (01 October,2022 SG)
The power of giving with the mind and the body in a wholesome state

I would consider myself to be very blessed, because I have receive more than 1 or 2 gifts that are memorable, useful or special. The most useful gift is this human body I received from my parents - especially my mother, who have taken much pain and toil to do this, without which I could not obtain the other gifts. During our childhood and teenage years, most parents are especially ... View More

WiseMind | 01 October,2022 (01 October,2022 SG)
The most memorable gift is your presence

The most memorable gift does not mean the most expensive one. Often, it is the mindful thought behind that matters more. I would like to share a personal experience during my study abroad programme in South Korea. Upon arrival at the airport, slightly lost, I met a kind korean couple who offered to bring me to my destination. We exchanged contacts and in the weeks that followed, th... View More

Excellence | 25 September,2022 (25 September,2022 SG)
Gift of life

My late grandma used to say this, “Humans are born with nothing, not even a piece of cloth on our back but when we leave this world, we still get to choose our favourite clothes to be worn to cover our modesty. Heaven is good”. I was a child then, and I don’t understand. As a child, I thought life is about achieving what I want, good results, being able to eat food that I want, bei... View More

LifeChanger | 25 September,2022 (25 September,2022 SG)
Life has thought me, what goes around comes around no matter how big or small the tendencies are.

Sometimes, we don't realise that the ones who give the most at times are the ones that have little to nothing to spare. Yet, out of their own goodwill, they intend to help you go through tough times. Just like when i received help when i was struggling financially, juggling 3 young kids on my own. When i myself am a young mother. i had nowhere to turn to. I had a neighbour where out o... View More

BellaSigNora | 25 September,2022 (25 September,2022 SG)
Giving Benefits Both The Giver and Receiver

I have 6 Kids of my own ranging from 8yo to 4mths old. Yes it is challenging in all aspects eg. Emotionally, physically, financially,mentally. But that doesnt stop me from rendering assistance to my family members eg. Parents and siblings whenever they are in need. Assistance doesnt mean just monetary it can also mean physically and psychologically. I always find time to render assi... View More

BigHeart | 24 September,2022 (24 September,2022 SG)
Challenges in life & overcoming the challenges with a positive mind & being strong with family support.

No matter how much of challenge & responsibility shouldered on me.. I keep going with a positive mindset.. support of friends & advice and helping hand from our Thanksgiving hearts indeed. The following are the precious gifts that keep us going regardless of the good or bad part of life.. Unconditional love and care Gift and help at the right time Kindness of heart in giving Goo... View More

SharpMind | 24 September,2022 (24 September,2022 SG)
Quoting someone who walk pass my life

I was sick in Nov 2008, one morning, I woke up and unable to feel for my legs and hands. I was in dispair as doctor diagnosis is that virus attacked my nerves and all my nerves are damage. 90% I would not recovered. I was so down, that I almost attempt suicide. But this lady, an officer from Cisco, Ms Wendy, she spoken to me and said...prove urself and doctor wrong, be strong and posi... View More

SunnyDay | 24 September,2022 (24 September,2022 SG)
A gift from my son

I am a single mom with a son.We have no support from any of our family members.So any festival or my son birthday I am the only one celebrating with him. A few year back, my son was 6 years old.We lived in an estate that has many shops nearby and one of the shop assistant is a friendly uncle and dote on my son .Whenever we passby the shop ,he will give my son sweets .One day ,when ... View More

Sunflower | 24 September,2022 (24 September,2022 SG)
Appreciate every small little things

Most people I have met do not appreciate things in life. They will always complain about the things they hate or not used to. To be honest, as a person who appreciates small little things in life, it hurts to hear such comments from them. Maybe to them, it is an abnormal thing which causes them to have such point of view. So, instead of judging them, I would encourage them to put them... View More

Dewdrop | 24 September,2022 (24 September,2022 SG)
Getting back my happiness

The most valuable gift ive gotten is when i got back my mom loves . After a year I've been shut off from her and my siblings . With the miss communications issues. Thats how i became more dependent to myself . As time goes by , missing the mother love is for sure hit me hard enough to just wake me up . To give in to my mom . As bad as she can be , she's still going to be my mother at ... View More

Zhouwx | 24 September,2022 (24 September,2022 SG)
ace for all exams

i learnt to give from then on , i had a hard time in secondary schools , i was always getting into troubles , fights and beatings was a regular occurrence . during my first 3 years , i never had good grades , that was far from my primary school results . i was in the top 10 every year from primary 4-6 . everything changed when i entered secondary schools , i was sick of scho... View More

BrilliantMind | 24 September,2022 (24 September,2022 SG)
A gift from my sister

Most memorable gift is from my sister. It is a adidas yellow watch. My sister and I seldom exchange gifts during festive seasons. But she gave me a watch during my birthday. It is my so first branded watch and is of my favorite colour. We are not well to do and she got me an expensive gift I was so grateful. It is useful for exam as I need to keep track of the time. View More