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Relationships in Life


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WiseWin | 31 December,2022 (31 December,2022 SG)
Love a person as a whole including his fart

Henry and I have been married for almost 2 decades. I really enjoy his companion. However our relationship starts to sour last year. Henry became addicted to spicy and fried food in the past 1 year. His addictive has led to his digestive problem to be worsen. The nightmare came whenever we need to share in an aircon room to sleep. As he tends to fart continously which wakes me up due... View More

CoolThoughts | 23 December,2022 (23 December,2022 SG)
Life of indulgence or wisdom

Almost eveyone likes to hear good, encouraging words as compared to genuine, truthful advice as the latter counters the many bad habits that lead to the current sufferings or challenges and also sounds contrasting to current unhealthy lifestyles and habits of indulgence or greed. Building genuine or professional relationships with patients are definitely two different paths. For examp... View More

Sunflower | 18 December,2022 (18 December,2022 SG)
Cornerstone of happiness and living a full life.

As humans, the relationships we form with other people are vital to our mental and emotional well-being and even our survival. We have an inherent desire to be close to other people to connect and build relationships. For example, relationships with our family members. They are people whom we believe, care and enjoy life with. Family provides emotional and psychological security, p... View More

Zhouwx | 12 December,2022 (12 December,2022 SG)
Give .... but give wisely . Love and love whole-heartedly . There is only one time to love .

learning to give wisely is what i am learning to do now . Relationships are based on trust , commitments , honesty and love . Learnt to love whole heartedly as there is only one time to love the other in this life time , but love wisely not everyone is your lover . honesty in relationships among friends . learn to be open minded and honest among friends , trust will be built i... View More

LifeChanger | 11 December,2022 (11 December,2022 SG)
Human beings do not thrive alone. We need our family and friends as pillars of support, especially in difficult times. Having a strong network of supportiv...

In my journey of life, i have learnt, no matter how bad things get, it isn't always about me. I noticed, my children feel secure and loved when they have strong and positive family relationships. Positive family relationships help families resolve conflict, work as a team and enjoy each other's company. But they have to be built on quality time, communication, teamwork and appreciatio... View More

Excellence | 11 December,2022 (11 December,2022 SG)
Don't punish ourselves because of other's fault

Maybe my story is somewhat similar to the bus driver in the given story. The biological father to my children deserted the family, leaving the kids heart broken and all of us running for our lives from strangers pounding our door in the middle of the night… Long story short, I filed for a divorce and focused on building my family on my own. My kids are on the way to recovery with h... View More

GoodKarma | 11 December,2022 (11 December,2022 SG)
Family is everything

Im thankful to God for the wonderful wife and childrens you have gifted to me.Let me.share my stories. Remorseful®rets feeling came by when i had to them behinds bars bcos of my foolishness.But that doesn't stop them to support and forgive me after what i have done. Im ex drug addict.What societies will think when they thoughts about us..I remembered one.words came.from them sayi... View More

SilentContemplation | 11 December,2022 (11 December,2022 SG)
Take full responsibility of our mind, speech and behavior in all our interactions with others and when we are alone. Observe discipline in our life to avo...

The gambler man was irresponsible for his family and even when given a chance to change, he chose to kick them out of his life to be with his mistress. His behavior came back to harm himself in the end - where the mistress kick him out 20 years later. Discipline with ourselves by observing the 6 kinds of harmonious relationship friends, family or colleagues. We can practice the... View More

BrightCity | 11 December,2022 (11 December,2022 SG)
Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won't be an end.

Good evening gentleman, This is base on my life story ..... I'm Siti , I'm mother of 4 beautiful kids. My oldest son age 7years old is a special need son... He was born with kidney failure.. This is a test for me and my husband.... Our love was so strong that we overcome everything together... Thank you for this beautiful 8years marriage... Our marriage life is like a rollerco... View More

SharpMind | 11 December,2022 (11 December,2022 SG)
Definition of Relationships in Life

Relationship in Life... Everything in life happens for a reason, the reason is to Learn & Experience. Never to take anything or anyone for granted Cheish, Treasure & appreciate every single moment Relationship is Give & Take, It is not only just about keep giving, (To make others happy). Firstly, you have to make yourself happy, then you can make others happy too. To main... View More

WiseMind | 10 December,2022 (10 December,2022 SG)
As humans, we crave connection and while we cross paths with many people throughout our lives, only some form deep and lasting connections, becoming friend...

Have you ever been in awe that out of the close to 8 billion people on this earth, you have met the "chosen ones" who go on to become a part of your life. I believe that people come into our lifes for various reasons and we should treasure and love each of them as they have chosen you. Choose the ones who choose you. To nurture and maintain good relatioships, first, I think we have... View More

BigHeart | 10 December,2022 (10 December,2022 SG) communication.. helping each other to build up the relationship during hard times.. forgive n forget the mistakes & move on with forgi...

Showing younger generation being an example of good relationship.. staying happy.. good forgive n forget of mistakes n to move on .. showing love n care with n young people watch n learn from older generation & adults..we need to show them a good example n being a role model in their are out next coming generation to our country n homes. View More

Dewdrop | 10 December,2022 (10 December,2022 SG)
Giving in and always support each other

Having a good relationships its not just with your bf / gf , but it also refers to having the positing rships with your family . Thats the most important thing that we should have in mind . Well i comeby with a hard ship seasons. Having to say alot of problem have occured just because of not have that trust within our family . I always wonder, why do we always trust alot more with p... View More

BellaSigNora | 10 December,2022 (10 December,2022 SG)
Treasure What You have Before its too Late

Ive been through alot in life making myself think that I could actually make it into a movie. Well.. to make it short I was engaged in 2010 and that relationship didnt work out as well as i would imagine cause we broke off the engagement 2 years later after we met with a motorbike accident. It was tragically painful as I only managed to regain my ability to walk after 1 year. To a... View More

SunnyDay | 10 December,2022 (10 December,2022 SG)
Holding on in all kinds of positive relationships

To be in a relationship is to have a long-term bond with someone that you can be your true self with one where you can laugh, scream, cry, and not judging each other. This can be professional, romantic, friendly, family. Chemistry is important too and that starts from being able to hold a conversation. A conversation that doesn’t carry hints of debate conversations are more explorat... View More

Radiant | 10 December,2022 (10 December,2022 SG)
Happiness will disappear without responsibility.

I have two failed marriages due to the lack of responsibilities from my partner from both marriages. At start, I used to do whatever it takes to make them work but over the years I got too tired of being the only one doing the hardwork and putting in all the efforts to make them work so I had to make the choice to end them. With so little sense of responsibility, all those hardwork ma... View More

Shepherd03 | 10 December,2022 (10 December,2022 SG)
The 3 main ingredients to nurture and maintain a growing relationship

I think the 3 main ingredients to nurture and maintain a growing relationship is to respect, listen, and find common interests. Respect means to understand and accept other's thoughts, opinions, and choices even though they may be different from yours. Listen is then to hear what others have to say and share instead of always wanting to have the focus on yourself. And lastly,... View More