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helping others are basically helping your own self

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Reason for participating in this contest is to pour my opinion in this that what do I feel about helping others.

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It is our utmost responsibility to help other people around us. God has sent all of us for some reason and it on us to understand that and help other people.

Almost every person has to go through certain stages of life starting off being infant and ends at the old age. During this, we are dependant on to others and at some stage, people depend on us so somehow everyone has to depend on each other. so basically if we help people today it might be possible that tomorrow they would help us.

So we should take care of this and should be careful and responsible enough to fulfill this responsibility and it changes only time to time person to person but eventually, everyone has to go through this phase.

So there is a famous quote:

"You reap what you sow"

This is how I want to end this. Thank you.

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