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Share our blessings and let the light shines far and beyond

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Share our blessings with others is like spreading our candlelight to brighten the light of others

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Some people think that sharing our blessings will cause it to deplete faster. In fact, on the contrary of this misunderstanding, our blessings grow automatically and naturally when we use our blessings to benefit others.

Different people are blessed with different blessings. Some have good memory and can remember well, some have analytic mind and are good problem-solvers, some are compassionate and can touch a lot of hearts, some have beautiful voices and can move our emotions and the list goes on. Some use their blessings to help others, some use their blessings to create harmony and peace, some use their blessings to make money, some use their blessings to hurt others, etc. As long as we use our blessings to benefit others in a wholesome, selfless way, our merits will multiply automatically.

Without the above knowledge, people tend to lavish themselves with their own blessings, just like a bucket of gold sand with a hole below. The blessings leak away quickly with little or no chance of being top-up. When the bucket of merits is depleted by squandering on ourselves, life starts to become miserable with obstacles such as health problems, career setbacks, broken relationships, etc.

So lets start sharing our blessings and let the light shines far and beyond.

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