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Sharing methods to protect our eyes 分享保护眼睛的方法

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Changing lifestyle, dietary, and emotional habits to protect our eyes 改变生活方式、饮食和情绪习惯来保护眼睛

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1) Changing Lifestyle改变生活习惯

We spend a lot of time looking at computer, handphone, tv screens. All these will require eye energy, hence prolonged use will increase rate of degeneration.

How to protect?

Practice looking at screens in a relax manner and not staring at them.
Zoom in to increase font size so we won’t over strain.
Wear glasses with blue light filter.
Avoid looking at screens unless absolutely necessary.

Sunlight is also good for our eyes as long as it is not in excess.
Exercise help to improve blood circulation and detoxification process in our body, which can help our overall health.
We can also massage our eye acupoints gently. How to massage? (please see attached slides)




我们也能轻轻按摩眼部穴位。怎么按摩? (请参阅所附幻灯片)

2) Managing emotions 情绪管理

Anger is the emotion of the liver, having the element of wood. A big temper makes the liver sick. As the liver is connected to the eye, poor liver function will cause eye problems. Hence, avoiding anger will be good for eyes. This is according to TCM theory as well as my own personal experience.

3) Changing dietary habits 改变饮食习惯

a) Avoid black and white pepper totally. 戒食胡椒
I have personally experience damp-heat and blurred vision after consuming pepper. Every time I eat pepper, the blurred vision lasts for a few days. A middle age lady I knew complain of blurred vision, after advising her to cut off all pepper from her diet, she said, "Oh yes! I really eat a lot of pepper, I put pepper on most of the dishes I cook as I believe it's good for gut health!" After stopping pepper, she told me her blurred vision improved, this was just in 1 week.
末学在吃胡椒后,体内湿热并视力模糊。每食胡椒,模糊的视力会持续几天。末学认识一名中年女士,她说视力模糊,末学便建议她戒口,不食胡椒。 她说,“哦,是的,我真的吃了很多胡椒,做饭时,大部分菜肴都下胡椒,我以为它有益于肠道健康!” 停止食用胡椒一个星期后,她说模糊的视力已有改善。

Pepper is also used in many processed vegetarian foods - especially mock meats, vegetarian should avoid consuming them.
许多加工素食食品都含有胡椒 - 尤其是素模拟肉,素食者应该避免食用。

The famous Ming Dynasty TCM practitioner Li Shi Zhen also has eye problems for many years which he realized the cause was due to the consumption of pepper. (please see attached slides)

b) Eat plant-based food 多食蔬食
As the liver is the organ in-charge of detoxification of the body, avoiding consuming highly toxic food that are animal-based and switching to organically plant-based foods will reduce the stress on the liver. Eating more plant-based food will also increase the antioxidants in our body which are important for eye function.

c) Taking food and supplements that are good for the liver / eyes食用对肝/眼有益的食物和补品

Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A (Beta Carotene), Omega 3 Fatty Acids*, Bilberry, Eyebright, Gingko Biloba, Taurine, Green bean soup

*For omega 3 fatty acids, I do not recommend fish-based supplement due to the pollution of our seas now and the environment damage from over-fishing. A good alternative would be vegetarian marine algae derived DHA/EPA (long chain omega 3) or flax/chia seeds (short chain omega 3). Reduce consumption of normal oils (omega 6) to minimum to ensure maximal benefits of omega 3 consumption.
叶黄素,玉米黄质,维生素E,维生素C,锌,维生素A (胡萝卜素),欧米茄3脂肪酸*,越桔,小米草,银杏,牛磺酸,绿豆汤
*末学不推荐以鱼类提取的欧米茄3脂肪酸补充剂,因现在海洋污染及过度捕捞造成环境破坏。一个好的替代品是素食海洋藻类衍生的DHA/EPA (长链欧米茄3) 或亚麻子/嘉种子 (短链欧米茄3)。尽量减少食用普通的食用油 (欧米茄 6),确保摄取的欧米茄3能有最大的利益。

Source 源
Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor黄帝内经
Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine, Hu Dongpei中医基础理论,胡冬裴

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