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Relationships in Life



As humans, we crave connection and while we cross paths with many people throughout our lives, only some form deep and lasting connections, becoming friends, lovers or even family.

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"A great relationship isn't when two perfect people come together, it's when two imperfect people learn to love and treasure each other."

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Have you ever been in awe that out of the close to 8 billion people on this earth, you have met the "chosen ones" who go on to become a part of your life. I believe that people come into our lifes for various reasons and we should treasure and love each of them as they have chosen you. Choose the ones who choose you.

To nurture and maintain good relatioships, first, I think we have to recognise that good relationships are built on trust. Trusting that we can be vulnerable around them, trusting that they can have our backs when we fall, this demonstrates dependability in times of hardship. In a dog-eat-dog world where self-interest often takes precedence, is it important to know that we have people to count on and should strive to reciprocate the same level of trust and dependability to them.

Additionally, especially in a busy society like Singapore, we would also need to intentionally find time out of our hectic schedules to connect with our "chosen ones" so as to keep up-to-date on each other's lives. Not spending enough time together may cause us to lose touch and drift apart from each other no matter how well-meaning our intentions may be. Find opportunities to try new things together, challenge each other so that both parties can continously learn and grow, allowing the relationship to flourish.

Lastly, I believe good relationships are nurtured by being kind to each other. Be kind enough to forgive where the other may have faulted. Share with them areas of improvement in a gentle and loving manner. Similarly, apologise if you have made a mistake and be genuine in learning and growing from the mistake.

The above are some of my thoughts on how to build a good relationship and I hope everyone finds their "chosen ones" on this earth. Treasure and love them whole-heartedly as true relationships are hard to come by :)

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