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Relationships in Life



Don't punish ourselves because of other's fault

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Learn to forgive, leave the past behind and continue to live strong

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Maybe my story is somewhat similar to the bus driver in the given story. The biological father to my children deserted the family, leaving the kids heart broken and all of us running for our lives from strangers pounding our door in the middle of the night…

Long story short, I filed for a divorce and focused on building my family on my own. My kids are on the way to recovery with help from counsellors etc.

I told my kids this. We all cannot choose our parents, just like they can’t choose their daddy. I’ve no answer to why their daddy behave in that way but it doesn’t matter anymore. What is important is that we are safe now and life must carry on. “Why does it happen” doesn’t really matters as it doesn’t solve the problem. Instead, learn to ask “how can I prevent it from happening again”.
There will always be trials and tribulations in life. Sometimes we have a choice, sometimes we don’t. When we don’t, learn to accept and deal with it. Don’t see it as something negative. View it as a challenge because once we overcome it, we will be stronger. Treasure everyone in our lives, good or bad, they formed part of our life experiences. If they r good, don’t take them for granted, make conscious effort to maintain the relarionship. If they are bad, walk away, and learn from it. Everyone we come across in life is our “teacher”.

I’m sure my children have learnt from this family crisis and they will emerge stronger.

Last but not least, fill our heart with love, not hatred. Learn to forgive and try to forget, else it’ll be too burdensome to move on with life…

P/s: I told my kids to forgive their father. Don’t hate him

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