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Relationships in Life



Give .... but give wisely . Love and love whole-heartedly . There is only one time to love .

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Loving and giving in a wise manner

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learning to give wisely is what i am learning to do now .

Relationships are based on trust , commitments , honesty and love .
Learnt to love whole heartedly as there is only one time to love the other in this life time , but love wisely not everyone is your lover .

honesty in relationships among friends .
learn to be open minded and honest among friends , trust will be built in time . Once again , friend people wisely , not everyone is your friend . true friends are those who help u unconditionally when u have troubles .
when among friends , do good . go towards a good cause and don't waste time doing bad stuffs , Karma will find u !

if it is possible , choose wisely among people , your good friends and lover .
your circle reflects who u are .... birds of a feather flock together .
U wanna know yourself ? Just look at the closest 3 people around u , it is a self reflection .
common stuffs attract each other .

give but give wisely cos takers knows no limits .
if u learning to give , there has got to be a limit .
takers are those who keeps taking and knows no limits.

learn to give and never ask for anything in return. it makes u more happy and puts u in a higher perspective when u are the giver.
give makes me happy ... lol .

to sum in up , give effectively , love effectively and bond effectively among people .
Not for personal gains but for a better quality of life .
Do good but waste no time doing it .
Not for ego but genuinely wish people a good life , not asking anything in return .

If it is possible , do not engage in immoral stuffs when alone or with friends .
As a buddhist , do not be a third party in someone else relationships . This is no good .

any way , be yourself , improvise yourself and LOVE your ownself .
If u can't learnt to love yourself , how are u going to love others ?

Be a better u everyday but do cheat somedays , don't go so heavy .
habits are built after 21 days .

Bonds among your circle are not meant to be broken . inculcate good qualities into your relationships .
Stay away from bad influence .

近墨者黑 近朱者赤

近我者甜 ...... hehe ...
good begets good .

Karma will find u somedays .

this wraps up todays session .................................. Huat ah ! huat ah !!!! ho ho ho ......

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