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Relationships in Life



Cornerstone of happiness and living a full life.

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Relationships provide us with friends and family to share our lives with and people who can help us out in tough times. They tend to bring us plenty of laughs and as a result lots of joy.

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As humans, the relationships we form with other people are vital to our mental and emotional well-being and even our survival. We have an inherent desire to be close to other people to connect and build relationships. For example,
relationships with our family members. They are people whom we believe, care and enjoy life with. Family provides emotional and psychological security, particularly through the warmth, love, and companionship that lives together which will generates between each other. Family also helps us to grow up and become a better individual. Without family, we would not be able to live like how we are living right now. Bonds among family members are important because family helps us get through the most disastrous times and the best times. They can offer support and security coupled with unconditional love; they will always look to see and bring out the best in you even if you cannot see it for yourself.

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