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Be Kind to People around us

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Be Kind to your workers, colleagues and friends as they represent you indirectly.

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In this economy-driven world, stiff competitions with the only objective to be economically better than others have resulted in the straining of human relations. When intense competitions cause the stifling of humanity and thus human relations, this competition is enslaving our life, our family and the people around us. When we want to improve ourselves at the expense of others, we are "killing" the human in us and causing us to feel the growing Loneliness within.

Be Kind to people around us as they represent us indirectly and they mirror our Kindness to those they meet.

Below is a script of a dental assistant working in a dentall clinic. The young dentist trains his skills on his assistant and inevitably causes the poor assistant to have bruised gums.

Dental assistant had just finished a practical session with his dentist boss and is now back at the front desk serving a walk-in customer.

Customer: Can the dentist do scaling of my teeth skillfully?

Assistant : Don't worry, everything will be fine.

(Assistant smiled and revealed some red bruise on his gums)
The customer was shocked and turned to leave the dental clinic.

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