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What are good Roots? (1)



We need one another.

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Can i define that roots are roots of a tree? Can i say that roots are considered good as long it fulfills its responsibilities?

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When a tree has good roots, it can support and work together with other parts to become a strong, healthy, amazing tree and interact and contribute to the greater ecosystem around it. In the case of a tree, the roots of a tree absorb water and nutrient from the soil. It also prevent the tree from falling down by holding down to the earth. However, roots cannot fulfill its responsibility (alone) when its counter-part are not responsible and capable. For example, if the trunk of the tree does not extend itself to the sun and support the branches of leaves, the tree will fail to survive too.

In life, a community, a company, a family, a school, etc can be seen as analogous to a tree. The good roots of a tree or a community are those who possess dauntless courage to fulfill good responsibilities and ensure the community’s stable and harmonious survival. For example, responsible cleaners ensure the drains are not choked so that there will be no flooding, responsible citizens do not litter so as not to choke drains, responsible volunteers pick up others’ litter and responsible leaders lead by being extraordinary examples. While the good roots of a tree is always under the ground, good roots in a community need to exist in each and every level to give stability and harmony to the community.

A community, a company, a family, etc are make up of people and so people have to nurture good roots in themselves as much as possible. With good roots, people will have the dauntless courage to fulfill good responsibilities for a family, a company, a school or even a community. Let our existence encourage the nurturing of Good Roots and the reduction of bad roots in one another.

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