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What are good Roots? (1)



Nurturing our human roots as the foundation for goodness in the world 美好世界的基础在于培育人类之根

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Practicing morality and virtue to guide us in our thoughts, speech and actions helps establish a firm foundation for the development of wisdom for dealing with all problems. 于实践道德引导我们的思想、言语和行为,为培养智慧解决所有问题建立一个坚实的基础。

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Roots as the foundation of being a proper human being

Trees can stay alive, stand tall and grow due to its roots. Without the roots being established first, no tree can grow. Even when reduced to a stump, new trees can sprout from the existing network of roots.
In the same way, I think we are like trees. If we want to be tall and strong for humanity, we have to first identify and focus on nourishing our roots (practicing morality and virtue in our thoughts, speech and actions). With this we can then have the Wisdom to guide our Intelligence, Ethics, and Humanness to benefit society, just as a huge tree can provide shade for many people.

以此类推,我想我们若想有强大的能力为大众服务,就应先识别并专注于滋养我们的根 (思想、言语和行为实践道德)。这样,我们才能有智慧引导我们的智力、伦理及人性造福社会,就如一棵大树能荫庇多人。

How to uphold and nurture Good Roots (Please refer to attached slides)
如何维护及培育良好的根 (请参考附上的幻灯片)

Thank you! 谢谢!:)

源 Source:
大学 The Book of Great Learning
Venerable Master Hsuan Hua Teachings 宣化上人教诲

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