AMIE ONE Our Wish is to grow and nurture all our Wisdom together
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Let Everyone of Us help to bring light and joy to each other's life.


We believe that wisdom, compassion and kindness are virtues found in everyone of us. By engaging always in positive thinking, positive actions, positive sharing and positive connection together with positive self-reflection, the light of our innate virtues will grow to overcome darkness and obstacles in our lives, bringing light to more people around us and hopefully the world.

In line with our belief, AmieOne will continuously roll out a series of contests to encourage the sharing of positive ideas and experience to inspire and grow good virtues and wisdom in all of us. Participants, both contestants and voters, stand a chance to win five prize points (four for contestants and one for voter) in each contest.  Every month, AmieOne endeavours to put up two small contests and one big contest with the following prize points that can be encashed.

Small Contest 2000 - 10000*
Big Contest 12000 - 30000*


(  *  2000 prize points = SG$20 )


AmieOne has come into existence with the help of a handful of volunteers and our web developers. As we are mere humans with limited time and resources and depending fully on IT professionals to keep AmieOne running smoothly, we hope you can forgive and accommodate any tardiness in our response. However, do trust that we welcome and value all suggestions and feedbacks that will help us to be better and move forward.

So let A My Idea-and-Experience on this ONE unique planet, Earth, be shared on this platform to grow and nurture good virtues and wisdom.