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My Wish Box

Every good thing in Life starts with a good positive wish. Share your wise wishes and let them be the guiding light in your life.

Silent Contemplation 默然反省

Silencing our mind allow us to have the mental spirit to contemplate inwards deeply. At the lower level, this helps us to self-reflect on our faults and bad habits, our negative emotions and thoughts. At the highest level, our Wisdom develops. Aiding the silencing of our mind is the practice of not having selfish thoughts, when we are not selfish, our mind quiets easily. "Silent Contemplation" is a habit I wish to establish in life to become a less nasty person. 让心静下来能让我们有精神深入反思。在较低的层次上,这有助于我们反省自己的过错、坏习惯及负面情绪与想法。最高层次能让我们开发智慧。 放下自私的念头能扶助静心,不自私,心就容易静下来。 末学希望在生活中培养“默然反省”的习惯,做一个不那么令人讨厌的人。
Created on : 04 December,2017 (04 December,2017 SG)


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