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Freedom with quality and integrity



freedom in thoughts , actions , speech , press and religion .

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( walk on grass , play with community cats , have fun in the garden , play in the rain ) - I hereby declared u Free ! -

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freedom in thoughts , actions , speech , press and religion .

freedom in thoughts - you are free to think whatever u want - your mind is allowed to wonder and look for answers and solutions .
u can think what ever u want but according to scientific studies - good thoughts harbour good intentions .
people with good thoughts live a longer and healthier life.

your mind is free to wonder .

many problems are solved with imagination . an imaginative mind is always the best tool to solve problems .
Children has the best imagination , stick around children and see creative solutions come up in daily lives .
I lacking in imagination cos almost 40 liao .... wa kaoz ... my days are mostly in a dazed , responding to texts .
Pictures and images in my head has long been gone .

freedom in actions - No matter how u think and feel , end of the day - U are responsible for your actions .
u are allowed to do what u want in life , not with the intention to harm .
害人之心不可有, 防人之心不可无 。
your are free to perform what u want , not with malicious intent but seeding from good thoughts .

it is a lot more healthier to think good stuffs rather than negative thoughts most of your life but again there is this stuffs known as over positive - bad bad .

freedom in speech - you are allowed to say what u want but watch your mouth .
祸从口出 。。。 communication with integrity is the most respectable part in everyday life .
most of the stuffs i do nowadays are mostly based on trust , i do not do contracts or snap pictures of others .

i have been working on trust most of my working days .

Do not speak of riches in front of the poor Or
Do not speak of children in front of the barren .

freedom in press - the press should be free , censorships should be done accordingly but the masses have the right to know .
Singapore is known as a press state , with press heavy siding the government .
what we came across everyday are actually in favour of the government .
[20:56, 3/19/2023] Zhou Wx: i dig , i done all these stuffs . I am with freedom with press .

another thing is that Singapore is known as a police state ,

again i dig , but i do not suggest becoming a police and press siding with the government state .
tons of info are actually lost and censored .
i don't actually like this . One wonderful stuff social media has done - facts are brought up daily .

what we don't actually see on traditional newspaper are seen on social medias , experience which money cant't buy or thru conventional mediums .

freedom in religion
U are free to choose your religion but with respect to others , do not harm .
i don't think religion allows harming of all sentinel beings .

One thing i found recently -
Money can actually buy happiness and it can solve 96% of all your problems but there are actually 3 things money can't buy -

A nice body , respect and genuine LOVE .
Love is accumulated in everyday's life - i think i can sense it now .

Another thing i came across , genetically modified babies are evolving ...
A new breed of super humans might form in the distant future , there might be a caste system if this goes on ....
Putin might be arrested for war crime.

Being in jail ........ all these just confined your freedom.

Cherish the freedom everyone has now ,
nobody knows what tomorrow brings .

( walk on grass , play with community cats , have fun in the garden , play in the rain )
- I hereby declared u Free ! -

signing off ,
nobody is infallible in LIFE *

Huat ah ! Heng heng huat huat ! Huat ah !

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