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Freedom with quality and integrity



Freedom with constant, wise reflection on our emotions, desires and surroundings

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Total freedom is possible with constant, wise reflections of our speech, actions and thoughts with regards to cause and consequence.

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Freedom does not come easy and most of us do not have total freedom. Financial freedom let us enjoy all basic necessities without facing financial difficulties even when we are jobless. Health freedom let us enjoy good health and stamina without the need of medication. Emotional freedom let us enjoy our days without anger, frustration, fear, insecurity, suspicion, etc. Physical freedom let us enjoy the right to move around without restriction and fear. Mental freedom let us enjoy a light ease mind without worries for the future, regrets for the past and attachment to the present.

Total freedom is not impossible as long as there is a constant, wise reflection on our emotions, desires and surroundings. Following our desires blindly will create lots of financial burden that generate emotional turmoil and finally resulting in health issues. If we cannot change our surroundings or environment, we can at least use our intelligent and limited wisdom to reflect and eliminate unnecessary contacts, attachment and relationships. This will help create a clearer mental state that enables us to think and act correctly most of the time.

Freedom of speech for those with clearer mental state will gain positive energy. For example, we can choose to speak with less emotions and attachment instead of speaking with lots of emotions and attachment to self.
Freedom of action for those who constantly reflect on the consequences of one’s action will not get into troubles so often. For example, we can choose not to wear revealing or branded clothings so as not to attract unnecessary eyeballs that increase one’s danger.
Freedom of thought for those who are forgiving, kind and compassionate people will always think straight without complex emotions. For example, when someone did not return your urgent messages, a complex emotion person may brew up lots of false, negative thoughts while a straight person will just forgive and think of alternative solutions to handle the urgent situation.

Freedom with constant, wise reflection on our emotions, desires and surroundings, will help us to live peacefully regardless of external environment.

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