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Freedom with quality and integrity



The issue with freedom of speech is a tricky one. Where do the boundaries end?

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The liberties taken with freedom of speech suffers from unusual boundaries, fickle and not altogether understood.

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Freedom of speech is a misleading abstraction, that although is recognised and celebrated, suffers from issues at its core. Where do we draw the line? Here is where wisdom comes in, to levy a judgement that settles the wants of both sides with equanimity. The wise one will know how to handle the delicate balance within the negotiation allowed by freedom of speech, knowing when to enforce or decline from. What I am saying is there must be certain enforcement within freedom of speech, true freedom of speech, if left unchecked on its own, will cause slight amounts of chaos, and disagreement. True freedom of speech requires the settling of boundaries, to dictate what is permissible without creating disorder. There must be guidelines to the process. I liken it to Lee Kuan Yew's governance, as compared to the USA's. By definitions, Singapore is not a true democracy, but the system works so well, one that he created. Giving freedom is taking away freedom, unless there are guidelines to follow with, and prevent the derailing of conversations and arguments into anarchy and strife.

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