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RF Protection Cap (Special Discount & limited stock)


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Product Description


Do you feel tired or even headaches after using your mobile phone or computer?


If you feel unusual discomfort from using electronic devices especially those that transmit signals using radiowaves, you may want to protect your Brain and upper body from this continuous and increasing daily dosage of radiation.

The following video show the radiation from our electronic devices.


Some of these electronic devices include mobile phones (3G, 4G phones are using the starting band of microwaves), cordless phones, wireless computers, WIFI, GPS, television, microwave ovens, radio broadcast towers, etc.

For those who want to read more about the invisible Radio Frequency Field around us, hope you will find the following links useful.


RF Protection Cap Description


The cap is made from RF protection material with a visor and stretchable band on the back that enables it to fit head diameters of 53-62cm. It comes with a detachable and washable inner lining that can be washed with other clothings. The RF protection material should be kept in clean, dry environment and should not be folded when stored away. This RF protection material has high damping of at least 70dB (99,9999%). For 0.1MHz to 20GHz electromagnetic frequency, it can reach 60-80db shielding effect.


Washing Instructions:


1) Softly wash by hand, with neutral pH7 detergent like Bio-home laundry detergent (Don’t use any alkaline or bleaching detergent). Gently soak RF protection material in diluted pH7 detergent for 10 mins and then pick it up gently without WRINGING it. Soak it into a pail of clean water for 20 mins and pick it up gently to hang and air-dry indoors.

2) Water temperature is to be below 40 degrees Celsius. RF protection material should not be ironed at all

3) Do not Dry clean. No washing in any washing machine. No bleaching. No ironing.

Poor water quality that contains sulphur, fluoride, and low pH will destroy conductivity and shielding performance of the RF Protection material.