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Relationships in Life



Treasure What You have Before its too Late

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Ive been through alot in life making myself think that I could actually make it into a movie.
Well.. to make it short I was engaged in 2010 and that relationship didnt work out as well as i would imagine cause we broke off the engagement 2 years later after we met with a motorbike accident.
It was tragically painful as I only managed to regain my ability to walk after 1 year. To add on with my grieve the doctor told me I might not be able to be a Mother in future. Sad! To add on i got news stating that my exfiance got married with his colleague. Devasted! I really felt like im at the bottom of it all and wanted to end my life..
Somehow with friends and families support i brave through all struggles and heartaches.
A year later I found true love whom accepted me for who I am and my imperfections. He gave me strengths and support through it all. Surprised!! We got married after 2 years! To my surprised I got pregnant! Felt soo blessed and thankful!!
To top it all I felt a little sorrow knowing that my exfiance marriage is coming to an end. Kept me thinking what goes around comes around. But I still do wish him a happy life ahead.
Well... my life journey picks up fast after all the roller coster ride! I met great friends and colleagues at my new job!! They became part of me and the relationships we built was soo perfect that we share every single thing with each other! Through happiness and tears we are there for each other! After 5 years our relationship as friends,sisters,colleagues is still going on strong! Im now a mother of 6!
Im really blessed with all the experiences and relationships i encounter throughout my life!
Appreciate every relationships and treat it like its your last!!

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