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Relationships in Life



Giving in and always support each other

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A good relationships defines how well you being thought .

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Having a good relationships its not just with your bf / gf , but it also refers to having the positing rships with your family . Thats the most important thing that we should have in mind . Well i comeby with a hard ship seasons. Having to say alot of problem have occured just because of not have that trust within our family .
I always wonder, why do we always trust alot more with people outside the family . And ive seen enough putting other parties above then their family itself .
Cause i did that ans i regret it big time . After losing them and aint having any chances to meet the one that we love ever again .

Thats why its very important to build a good relationship with your family . But that doesnt mean we should just ignore our friends around who always being there for us . So always have balance in life , upon giving time and whom to trust more .

And how well you bring yourself up till this day , thank your mom/Dad , your family members who raise you up to become who you are now . Cause without them showing the good example and always have your back , you would be around here no more .

So i would love to thank my mom and dad who has already did a very good job well done . Love you both till death .

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