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Relationships in Life



Human beings do not thrive alone. We need our family and friends as pillars of support, especially in difficult times. Having a strong network of supportive family and friends helps enhance our mental well-being and to live life happily.

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Where there is family/friends, there are sacrifices, there is love, happiness & love of others.

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In my journey of life, i have learnt, no matter how bad things get, it isn't always about me. I noticed, my children feel secure and loved when they have strong and positive family relationships. Positive family relationships help families resolve conflict, work as a team and enjoy each other's company. But they have to be built on quality time, communication, teamwork and appreciation of each other. It’s also important to be aware of the non-verbal messages you send. For example, hugs, kisses and eye contact send the message that you want to be close to someone. But a grumpy tone of voice or a frown when you’re doing something together might send the message that you don’t want to be there.
Your feelings are valid too. If there are red flags whenever throughout your people relationship with others, stop and think before making any big decisions. It might cause some big changes in your life but if its the best for us, to meet new people on a new journey, why not?

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