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Relationships in Life



Life of indulgence or wisdom

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Our sufferings end when our posionous pursuits end

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Almost eveyone likes to hear good, encouraging words as compared to genuine, truthful advice as the latter counters the many bad habits that lead to the current sufferings or challenges and also sounds contrasting to current unhealthy lifestyles and habits of indulgence or greed. Building genuine or professional relationships with patients are definitely two different paths. For example, a patient is suffering from bad insomnia and weak lungs love to indulge in the taste of chilli and spices. When she feels internal heat or body discomfort, she drinks tea and cooling herbs to diminish the bad side-effects. Maybe if we are younger, we can still afford to abuse this body organs and engine to indulge in our limitless greed for taste. However, for a patient of 68 and showing frail liver and lungs, should the doctor speaks the genuine truth to point out the damaging greedy eating and risk losing a patient or just ‘professionally’ treat the symptoms and then gain her ‘trust’ and earn repeated stream of income feeding on her bad eating habits. Some would ask why can’t the doctor do both; point out the damaging eating habits and also treat the symptoms. Sounds very wise, isn’t it? The fact is that all patients who are served with this option never rectify their eating habits but use the medication as higer form of antidotes and continue to indulge in higher and risker form of greedy eating like feasting on durians, spicy grilled food, etc and then taking regular antioxidants and anti-inflammatory supplements. So what happened to these patients in the end? Well, some have died from cancer while others suffered stroke, heart, liver or kidney problems. Being honest and self-reflective, staying genuinely truthful to point out damaging greedy eating is the only option to die with a clear, honest conscience. It is very difficult to handle genuine relationships with aging, frailing patients who have incessant indulgence of taste. This is because it is a life and death matter for the patient and the doctor’s personal cultivation of mindful intentions and compassion in body, speech and mind.

Overcoming and understanding the above struggles, other relationships in life is somewhat easy to handle. Relationships involve lots of selflessness, kindness and compassion while remaining truthful, genuine and reflective upon one’s responsibility, virtues and pursuit of wisdom.

When one is full of zest over a certain relationship, one can reflect what is the genuine intention of such zestful attachment and what is intention of the other parties in the relationship? If your own intentions are not based on greed or ignorance, then you may not suffer badly if the relationship fails. If the other parties’ intention are based on greed or ignorance, be wise to keep calm and watchful as such relationships are mostly dangerous and end up in the wrong path. If the relationships are founded on good, genuine values, selflessness and practice of reflection and wisdom, such relationships are benefitting, spiritually enlightening and most importantly, free from attachment and sufferings. Well, such relationships are rare but not impossible. Good will attract the good and vice of attraction. So let's work towards truthful, genuine and wise relationships.

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