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What are good Roots? (1)



Good roots are positive traits in humans that can counteract negative traits of a human. A human are bound to have both positive and negative trait. Hence, we need to focus on nurturing good roots to guide us to making right and sensible decision.

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Are humans innately altruistic or egotistic?

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Thomas Hobbes characterised human nature as a state of war and that humans are likely to engage in conspecific killing for scarce money (eg. Money). However, in life and death situations, there are also individuals who are more Altria and sees someone else life as more important than their own. In squid game, Gihun has always been playing the righteous person, but when it comes to life and death situation, he chose to deceive the old man and take advantage of his dementia. However, we can see that Gihun did not make the choice immediately between his or Oh Il Nam’s life - he was in a dilemma. Hence, this shows that just like the world we live in coexisted both light and darkness, humans beings have both bright and dark side. We are not purely evil or good, in fact, we are both evil and good. The nature we choose to display ultimately boils down to individuals. No one is purely evil or good.

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