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What are good Roots? (1)


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AmieOne | 01 December,2017 (01 December,2017 SG)

来自Amie One参赛样本 (不要投票给此提交) 良好的美德和良好的积极思考和态度是培育良好根性的养分。 良好的根性帮我们在精神和健康上获得慈悲的正能量, 让我们通过生活中无数的挑战与困难。 我希望以上是有智慧的分享,能获得您的投票。感谢您的阅读。 (You may use English or Chinese to submit your Answer. 您可用英文或华文提交。) View More

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faletherra | 15 December,2017 (16 December,2017 SG)
We need one another.

When a tree has good roots, it can support and work together with other parts to become a strong, healthy, amazing tree and interact and contribute to the greater ecosystem around it. In the case of a tree, the roots of a tree absorb water and nutrient from the soil. It also prevent the tree from falling down by holding down to the earth. However, roots cannot fulfill its responsibili... View More

HumbleMe21 | 12 December,2017 (13 December,2017 SG)
Good roots enable trees to brave all storms. Humanity enables Man to survive bad times.

For example in World war 1 & 2, uncounted number of people had died in the hands of a few tyrant. However strong Humanity has enabled those who survived to build a a better world. If we cannot stop a tyrant from creating man-made disasters, we can all least strengthen the humanity in us to work towards peace & humanity on earth. View More

KenCan1 | 06 December,2017 (06 December,2017 SG)
Good thoughts

Roots of a tree are always hidden and protected, and a tree will grow them deeply and to cover as wide an area as possible in the ground. So I guess human good roots and nature are not easily seen on the surface, just like our good and positive thoughts. And it is important not to judge anyone on their external look, or behavior as we are unable to see their thoughts. Similarly our... View More

SilentContemplation | 01 December,2017 (02 December,2017 SG)
Nurturing our human roots as the foundation for goodness in the world 美好世界的基础在于培育人类之根

Roots as the foundation of being a proper human being 根为人道之基础 Trees can stay alive, stand tall and grow due to its roots. Without the roots being established first, no tree can grow. Even when reduced to a stump, new trees can sprout from the existing network of roots. In the same way, I think we are like trees. If we want to be tall and strong for humanity, we have to first id... View More

AmieOne | 01 December,2017 (01 December,2017 SG)
The Power of Good Roots

Sample of entry From Amie One (Don't vote for this entry) Good roots are nurtured from good virtues and good positive reflections and attitudes. Good roots also contain the vast past experiences and ideas/thoughts which we constantly (consciously/subconsciously) reflect with positivity that brings about solution to overcome negativity in ourselves and others around us. Good r... View More