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What are good Roots? (1)


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CoolThoughts | 15 September,2023 (16 September,2023 SG)
Good Roots need nurturing so that they do not rot

Our lives can never be free from problems, obstacles and adversities. Simple problems like quarrels, mischief, addiction, etc. Normal obstacles like hostile environment, bullying, failures, betrayal, accusations, etc. Adversities like divorce, bankruptcy, war, life-threatening events, terminal illness, etc. Just on addiction which most of us fall prey to such influence around us c... View More

SilentContemplation | 07 August,2023 (07 August,2023 SG)
Good roots are our divine nature

The Chinese philosopher Mengzi taught that our nature is good. Xunzi, however, taught that our nature is evil. Gaozi taught that our nature can be good or evil. All three are correct in their teachings, they are not contradictory. Human beings have 3 natures according to Wang Fengyi – a Confucian teacher. Mengzi was referring to the Heavenly nature. Xunzi was referring to the ... View More

Evangel | 06 August,2023 (06 August,2023 SG)
Learning from the Beauty of Nature

Many of times our pace of life espcially in Singapore is very fast paced. We do not slow down and take things slow and always seem to be rushing for time. Human Nature can teach us a lot of things. The Root of the tree is an example where it is not the exterior that matters but the interior that matters the most. This can relate to us where our inner meaning our personalities, char... View More

Mind93 | 06 August,2023 (06 August,2023 SG)
For the wisest growth

To be the wisest, we must embrace humility and a willingness to learn from others' perspectives. To be most the most Intelligent, we should continuously expand our knowledge and apply it wisely. To be the most socially ethical, we must advocate for fairness, justice, and the well-being of all beings amongst us. Lastly, to be the most equanimously humane, we need to nurture compass... View More

Majestic | 06 August,2023 (06 August,2023 SG)
Good roots are crucial for personal growth and success.

The following are areas and the reasons for having good roots. 1. Personal Growth: cultivating positive habits, values, and attitudes. 2. Cultivating Resilience: help us develop resilience, enabling us to withstand life's challenges and bounce back stronger. 3. Family and Relationships: providing support, love, and a sense of belonging. 4. Community and Culture. 5. Education and Knowl... View More

Breeze60 | 06 August,2023 (06 August,2023 SG)
Good roots is an intangible quality amongst people who practice empathy, kindness, helpfulness, gratitude, responsibility and has a sense of public-spirit....

I believe that good roots contain various positive qualities. Fundamentally a person with good roots tend to be more resilient as one may have developed good roots from a bad seed hence developing good roots is a choice. Instead of feeling dejected, unfair and unjust to be given a bad seed, one can pick themselves up and work towards developing good roots to change the outcome of the ... View More

Majestic83 | 30 July,2023 (30 July,2023 SG)
Being able to do the right and positive things at own will

if human are born bad, there will be no moral compass to guide human into being good and there will be no law setup base on these moral compass. Baby does not have the 7 sins (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth). Baby only act base on instinct like want to feel the warm and loving of the family. View More

Rainbow92 | 30 July,2023 (30 July,2023 SG)

Wise individuals have a deep understanding of their values and act with wisdom, considering long-term consequences. Fostering curiosity and a thirst for knowledge is vital for personal growth and learning. Intelligent individuals should also have emotional intelligence, empathizing with others' perspectives, and actively listening to develop meaningful connections. Socially ethical in... View More

Frank63 | 29 July,2023 (29 July,2023 SG)
Signify a positive and strong starting point, whether it's about personal qualities, family support,

In the context of family, "good roots" might refer to having a supportive and nurturing family environment. It implies having a loving and caring family that provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development. View More

Starry35 | 29 July,2023 (29 July,2023 SG)
Cultivating good roots in people

Having good habits takes alot of consistent, small efforts, discipline and willpower to cultivate good personal growth in the long run. It is not an overnight decision in nurturing good roots but rather small progress, actions and good behaviours. I can tell myself to be better than how I were yesterday but if there is no action, there is no progress, no habits, then there is no good ... View More

wjmgrr | 29 July,2023 (29 July,2023 SG)
cultivating good roots, why should u do so?

Developing and cultivating good roots as a person involves intentional effort and a commitment to personal growth. So, why should we have good roots or inspire to be someone who has good roots? Let me share we you more!!! Having good roots as a person is not about being perfect, but rather about striving to embody positive values and qualities that contribute to personal growth, h... View More

Violet04 | 29 July,2023 (29 July,2023 SG)
The roots of Human Nature

The foundation of our human nature is found throughout our formative years, where the roots of human nature are also strongly ingrained in us. At the time of conception, we inherit biological traits from our parents. These hereditary qualities can predict our personality and IQ characteristics. Although hereditary factors do contribute to these traits, our environment, experiences, an... View More

BellaSigNora | 28 July,2023 (28 July,2023 SG)
Strong Foundation lead to better Person.

Just as a plant's roots provide essential support and nourishment, metaphorically, good roots serve as the foundation for growth, resilience, and success in various aspects of life. Whether in the context of plants or human beings, the strength and health of our roots are vital for thriving and withstanding the challenges that life presents. This essay explores the importance of culti... View More

Joyful55 | 23 July,2023 (23 July,2023 SG)
Sharing a meal with friends is a wonderful way to foster social connections and strengthen relationships. It provides an opportunity for everyone to come t...

Good roots refers to the foundation of moral values, principles, and behaviors that an individual possesses. It represents the qualities and virtues that shape an individual's character and guide their actions. Good roots include attributes such as honesty, integrity, compassion, resilience, humility, and responsibility. Sharing a meal with friends has many good roots and benefits.... View More

Raffee18 | 23 July,2023 (23 July,2023 SG)
Good roots are positive traits in humans that can counteract negative traits of a human. A human are bound to have both positive and negative trait. Hence,...

Thomas Hobbes characterised human nature as a state of war and that humans are likely to engage in conspecific killing for scarce money (eg. Money). However, in life and death situations, there are also individuals who are more Altria and sees someone else life as more important than their own. In squid game, Gihun has always been playing the righteous person, but when it comes to lif... View More

RobinHood | 22 July,2023 (22 July,2023 SG)
Forming of good character upbringing

Moral character is formed by one's actions. The habits, actions, and emotional responses of the person of good character all are united and directed toward the moral and the good. Because human beings are body/soul unities, actions of the body are actions of the self, which is, human beings are self-possessing, self-governing, and self-determining. In order to be of good character, on... View More

BrilliantMind | 22 July,2023 (22 July,2023 SG)
Good roots are taught.

People learnt good behaviours from people around them. Parents with good behaviours will teach their children similar behaviours and those bad behaviours will also teach them bad. For example if parents keep using vulgarities the children may also use them as they think it is the norm. On the other hand if parents always volunteer and donate, the children may also follow. View More

Venus88 | 22 July,2023 (22 July,2023 SG)
dont ever forget your roots! it shapes YOU!

There was once a story I read: In a village, Lily believed an ancient oak tree had special powers tied to emotions. Through connection, she discovered its guidance. Joy rustled leaves, sadness drew comforting branches. Her wisdom inspired the village to embrace emotions and grow towards compassion. View More

Jefe2005 | 22 July,2023 (22 July,2023 SG)
In the context of virtues and character traits, "good roots" refer to the fundamental qualities or principles that serve as the foundation for developing p...

The roots mentioned can be seen as the core values and beliefs that guide individuals in their actions and decisions. Here are some examples of good roots in terms of virtue: Compassion: The root of compassion involves empathy and concern for the suffering of others, leading to a desire to alleviate that suffering and promote their well-being. Honesty: The root of honesty is based... View More

Best003 | 22 July,2023 (22 July,2023 SG)
Good Roots

1. Wisdom: Trees remind us of the wisdom in establishing strong roots that can withstand challenges. In human nature, cultivating wisdom involves learning from experiences, seeking knowledge, and making thoughtful decisions that align with our values. 2. Integrity: Just as trees stand tall and firm, integrity forms the roots of ethical behavior. Upholding honesty, accountability, an... View More

WiseMind | 18 July,2023 (18 July,2023 SG)
Having Good Roots: A Journey of Values, Morality, and Fruits of Labor

We often hear about "having good roots" but what is the importance of having good roots to us? Below I will share three significance based on my personal beliefs: 1) being grounded in our values, 2) enabling us to weather storms, and 3) ultimately bearing the fruits of our labour. 1) Being grounded in our values Having good roots begins with being firmly grounded in our values. Ou... View More

Shepherd03 | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Building a Better You: The Path to Success and Happiness Through Diligence, Trustworthiness, Self-reflection, and Gratitude!

Diligence Growing up, my parents always emphasized the importance of diligence in everything I do. They taught me that hard work and dedication were keys to success. As I navigated through school and later entered the workforce, these values became even more apparent. To nurture and maintain diligence, I set clear goals for myself and break them down into manageable tasks. I try t... View More

GoodKarma | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Dont ever forget your roots.

Its very important of the success of life.Always remember your roots.They are foundation of your life and the wings of your future.. I know my roots and i cannot forget the journey. The greatest gift you can give your children's are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence... View More

Zhouwx | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Stability Strength Growth Connection

Good roots are essential for the growth and health of plants, people, and organizations. They provide a foundation of stability and strength, and allow us to withstand challenges and setbacks. Here are some of the importance of good roots: Stability: Good roots provide stability and help us to withstand challenges and setbacks. When we have good roots, we are less likely to be s... View More

BrightCity | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Good roots farm and gardens

An healthy roots are necessary for success. Learn about the importance of roots before and after planting and how to keep things in good balance . View More

LifeChanger | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Good Roots = Good Values.

Good values in life are important. These could include: honesty, kindness, respect, hard work etc. The more closely connected your values are, the more close knit your principles in life are. Having strong roots and maintaining your grounding is important. It is the foundation from which all else grows. Like the tree, to extend strong, healthy roots into the ground, it is like anchori... View More

Northlight83 | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Good roots start from young.

Good roots start from young as we develop good characteristics to be responsible humans as we grow older. We learn these traits from our parents to ensure we receive the respect that we need from others to become kind and instill humanity to others. View More

Fast74 | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Human nature is a complex and multifaceted society, encompassing various traits and tendencies that are inherent to the human species.

 View More

Northlight23 | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
What a good roots means to me?

A good roots is something that not all people sees through. For some of us, it's like a tree being cut and that's it. But to some people especially nature people, it's important to see through how roots can stay healthy for thousand years even after the trees has been cut for so many times. How does it grow? Normal people don't care, nature people cares about the wellbeing of the tree... View More

Fast83 | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Good roots, in the context of human nature, refer to positive qualities,values,and principles that are inherent or cultivated within their individual

Subsequent values are empathy,integrity, resilience, curiosity, gratitude, humility,generosity and courage View More

Knight07 | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Good roots are like the place that we start out with. As there is inequality in the world, everyone’s roots will be different from one another. To define g...

Some people may define good roots in terms of how happy they are in this world, while others may be more materialistic and look at their possessions. But ultimately, good roots need to consist of both, for it to be the best outcome. However, having good roots does not mean guaranteed success in life. Hard work still needs to be put in to push yourself to do better. View More

Solomon | 16 July,2023 (16 July,2023 SG)
Even with good roots, if one is not given the right environment to thrive, the person will not be able to succeed in life and soar like an eagle. If a pers...

Just by having good roots alone is not sufficient to ensure the survival of a person. The environment of the person plays an important role in determining the success of an individual. As we are living in a harsh society where survival is important, having an environment with a lot of resources that can be tapped on will certainly enable one to be more successful even with the same ro... View More

faletherra | 15 December,2017 (16 December,2017 SG)
We need one another.

When a tree has good roots, it can support and work together with other parts to become a strong, healthy, amazing tree and interact and contribute to the greater ecosystem around it. In the case of a tree, the roots of a tree absorb water and nutrient from the soil. It also prevent the tree from falling down by holding down to the earth. However, roots cannot fulfill its responsibili... View More

HumbleMe21 | 12 December,2017 (13 December,2017 SG)
Good roots enable trees to brave all storms. Humanity enables Man to survive bad times.

For example in World war 1 & 2, uncounted number of people had died in the hands of a few tyrant. However strong Humanity has enabled those who survived to build a a better world. If we cannot stop a tyrant from creating man-made disasters, we can all least strengthen the humanity in us to work towards peace & humanity on earth. View More

KenCan1 | 06 December,2017 (06 December,2017 SG)
Good thoughts

Roots of a tree are always hidden and protected, and a tree will grow them deeply and to cover as wide an area as possible in the ground. So I guess human good roots and nature are not easily seen on the surface, just like our good and positive thoughts. And it is important not to judge anyone on their external look, or behavior as we are unable to see their thoughts. Similarly our... View More

SilentContemplation | 01 December,2017 (02 December,2017 SG)
Nurturing our human roots as the foundation for goodness in the world 美好世界的基础在于培育人类之根

Roots as the foundation of being a proper human being 根为人道之基础 Trees can stay alive, stand tall and grow due to its roots. Without the roots being established first, no tree can grow. Even when reduced to a stump, new trees can sprout from the existing network of roots. In the same way, I think we are like trees. If we want to be tall and strong for humanity, we have to first id... View More

AmieOne | 01 December,2017 (01 December,2017 SG)
The Power of Good Roots

Sample of entry From Amie One (Don't vote for this entry) Good roots are nurtured from good virtues and good positive reflections and attitudes. Good roots also contain the vast past experiences and ideas/thoughts which we constantly (consciously/subconsciously) reflect with positivity that brings about solution to overcome negativity in ourselves and others around us. Good r... View More