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What are good Roots? (1)



Cultivating good roots in people

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"Your habits will determine your future".

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Having good habits takes alot of consistent, small efforts, discipline and willpower to cultivate good personal growth in the long run. It is not an overnight decision in nurturing good roots but rather small progress, actions and good behaviours. I can tell myself to be better than how I were yesterday but if there is no action, there is no progress, no habits, then there is no good roots as I do not practice it. One can cultivate good roots by contributing good to the society such as volunteering, reflecting and helping.
One experience on how I nurtured good roots was through volunteering. I had the chance to visit the elderly in old folks home and experience a day in their life. One of the struggle that I had was that I cannot empathatise with them as I did not experience their lives. Hence, I tried to be more emotionally understanding, be more curious about their life experiences while expressing geninue interest in their conversations.

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