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What are good Roots? (1)




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"In wisdom, empathy, ethics, and compassion, we nurture the roots of human nature to grow a W.I.S.E. society."

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Wise individuals have a deep understanding of their values and act with wisdom, considering long-term consequences. Fostering curiosity and a thirst for knowledge is vital for personal growth and learning. Intelligent individuals should also have emotional intelligence, empathizing with others' perspectives, and actively listening to develop meaningful connections. Socially ethical individuals have a strong sense of moral responsibility and ethical decision-making, encouraging open discussions and integrity. Finally, being empathetically humane requires inner peace and compassion, leading to a more balanced and empathetic society. Overall, upholding and nurturing good roots in human nature requires a collective effort, including education, empathy, ethical discussions, and practices that promote emotional well-being and social responsibility.

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