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What are good Roots? (1)



Good roots is an intangible quality amongst people who practice empathy, kindness, helpfulness, gratitude, responsibility and has a sense of public-spirit. Good roots is not inborn but can be nurtured as similar to trees, the core is seeds, not roots

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Hence I believe that good roots can be nurtured despite having different types of seeds to start off with. One may not be given the opportunity to grow from a good seed but one can definitely choose the path thereafter and cultivate good roots.

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I believe that good roots contain various positive qualities. Fundamentally a person with good roots tend to be more resilient as one may have developed good roots from a bad seed hence developing good roots is a choice. Instead of feeling dejected, unfair and unjust to be given a bad seed, one can pick themselves up and work towards developing good roots to change the outcome of the situation. Ultimately good roots is important as that is the part which holds the tree to the ground and hence this is what makes humans stay grounded.

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