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Resolving conflicts in Life


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CoolThoughts | 02 April,2024 (02 April,2024 SG)
If we are educated and brought up to genuinely love and work for the betterment of this world, there will be less conflicts and more happiness on Earth.

In the near-death-experience video shared in this challenge, when his old love expires like an expiry date on our food because of new desires/love to satisfy the ego self, he discarded old love to embrace the new love, inflicting pain onto others. Many are guilty of such acts but are too blinded by their own desires to indulge in the new-found love. When the flame of new love diminish... View More

Genie88 | 29 February,2024 (29 February,2024 SG)
Resolving conflicts in life requires effective communication, empathy, and a willingness to find mutually beneficial solutions.conflict is a natural part o...

This quote by Kenneth Cloke emphasizes the dual nature of conflicts and the importance of how individuals choose to navigate them. It highlights that conflicts can lead to positive outcomes such as growth and learning if approached with the right mindset and willingness to address them constructively. It can be a source of inspiration, enlightenment, learning, transformation, and grow... View More

LifeChanger | 30 December,2023 (30 December,2023 SG)
Conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship. After all, two people can’t be expected to agree on everything, all the time. The key is not to fear...

Conflict arises from differences, both large and small. It occurs whenever people disagree over matters. When you can recognize the root of the conflicts and are willing to examine them with understanding, it can lead to easy problem solving and build stronger relationships. Conflict triggers strong emotions and can lead to hurt feelings, disappointment, and discomfort. Control your e... View More

BellaSigNora | 27 December,2023 (28 December,2023 SG)
Conflicts are Inevitable In Life thus, resolving ConflictS is an essential Skill.

Resolving conflicts in life is an essential skill that shapes relationships, fosters growth, and builds resilience. Conflicts, arising from differing opinions, values, or needs, are inevitable in human interactions. How individuals navigate and resolve these conflicts determines the depth of their relationships and their personal development. Firstly, understanding the root cause o... View More

WiseMind | 24 December,2023 (24 December,2023 SG)
My Personal Strategies for Effective Conflict Resolution in Life

Conflict is an inevitable aspect of human existence, manifesting in various forms, from minor disagreements to profound disputes like war. Resolving conflicts is crucial for personal growth, wisdom, and the cultivation of harmonious relationships. Below are some strategies I've learnt on conflict resolution which adopts proactive communication, openness to feedback, and maintaining a ... View More

Starry35 | 24 December,2023 (24 December,2023 SG)
Nurturing good roots in people

For me, success isn't about climbing ladders or making millions. It's about being a good person and treating others with kindness and respect. We all have different ideas about what success means, but I believe there's something we can all agree on: good character matters. In any setting, whether it's at work or in personal life, we admire those who possess positive qualities like ... View More

Raffee18 | 24 December,2023 (24 December,2023 SG)
Constant self reflection is important because it entails ourselves asking questions and assessing our personal values to ensure constant alignment with our...

This quote underscores the notion that authentic character manifests itself during challenging circumstances. The man in the above story underwent a profound transformation triggered by his illness and Near-Death Experience (NDE), becoming a catalyst for self-examination and personal growth. Martin Luther King Jr's quote accentuates the significance of traits such as self-awareness, a... View More

BrilliantMind | 24 December,2023 (24 December,2023 SG)
Forgive and but not forget

Everyone makes mistakes so they deserve a second chance. We have fo forgive but cannot forget. As these are life lessons to be sure we don't fall into the same circumstances again. Do not regret but learn from it and look forward. View More

hafsa88 | 23 December,2023 (23 December,2023 SG)
Preparing for Change

As natural disasters become more frequent and intense, the world needs to prepare for this change. Moreover, our analysis suggests that this increasing risk from natural disasters will manifest itself on top of the longer term negative effects that temperature increases have on macroeconomic activity. This may trigger increased migration flows from affected countries with potentially ... View More

Shepherd03 | 23 December,2023 (23 December,2023 SG)
Resolving Conflicts: A Path to Harmony

Conflict is an inevitable facet of life, emerging in various forms and venues, challenging our emotional fortitude and testing our interpersonal skills. Learning from personal experiences in both professional and familial settings has allowed me to better understand effective conflict resolution strategies. One particular episode I encountered at work involved a clash of perspectiv... View More

SunnyDay | 23 December,2023 (23 December,2023 SG)

Any relationship will inevitably include conflict It is unrealistic to expect two people to always agree on everything.The secret is to learn how to manage conflict in a healthy way, not to run from or dread it.Conflict presents an opportunity to deepen the tie between two people when it is handled respectfully and constructively, but when it is handled poorly, it can do enormous dam... View More

Majestic | 23 December,2023 (23 December,2023 SG)
Resolving conflicts in life is a multifaceted process that requires careful consideration and effective communication. In a Singapore context, where cultur...

Firstly, open communication plays a pivotal role. Express your concerns calmly and encourage the other party to share their thoughts. Active listening is equally important; strive to understand their viewpoint without judgment. In Singapore, where various cultures coexist, being sensitive to cultural nuances enhances communication. Finding common ground is essential. Identify share... View More

Breeze60 | 23 December,2023 (23 December,2023 SG)
Why is there conflict? What can we learn from conflicts? What can we do to resolve conflicts?

What is conflict? Conflict is a situation which humans realised that they have opposing/polarising views or perception with each other. Conflict can happen to individuals or amongst groups be it with your partner, family or friends. Conflict arises in humans because humans have different values, characteristics and perceptions. The varying difference eventually resulted in conflicts. ... View More

BrightCity | 23 December,2023 (23 December,2023 SG)
A conflict is more than just a disagreement

- pay attention to the feelings being expressed - Be aware of and respect differences - control your emotions and behavior View More