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How not to let Love & Desire end up in Greed & Anger?


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CoolThoughts | 10 December,2023 (10 December,2023 SG)
Greed and Anger arises when the ego Self is not satisfied

A man talked about his thoughts on his 18 years of marriage life and confessed that his wife becomes a sight that remind him of either food or sex depending on his desire at that moment. He has honestly reflected and acknowledged his beloved partner has ended up becoming a means to satisfy his desires. However, he cannot break out of his habitual tendencies to constantly look upon oth... View More

Evangel | 09 December,2023 (09 December,2023 SG)
If you Love, naturally your thoughts,actions and desires will flow naturally to not greed and anger.

Love is generally a good thing as it is the foundation to many good things. In the realms of Religion, it is also being seen to be good as it is mentioned to love your neighbour as yourself and love your God which is the core and essential of the Religion. In non-religion aspect, love is also a good thing which can be observed from couples, families as well. Loving your wife, hu... View More

SilentContemplation | 21 November,2023 (21 November,2023 SG)
Stay with the Big Universal Love: Realize that everyone is going through sufferings in life and make a firm resolve to use our life to help them reduce or ...

Love - the Big universal love for all beings, bigger than the universe and is perfectly fine and something we all have and share. But when this love is entrapped by our self / ego - believing our body and mind are us - that's when we will work towards satisfying the desires of our body, thoughts and emotions. When we satisfy our desire, we feel happy and want more or want to mainta... View More

Genie88 | 15 November,2023 (15 November,2023 SG)
Nurturing love and desire requires self-awareness, empathy, gratitude, and a positive mindset. Self-awareness helps us understand our emotions and triggers...

That quote emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and gratitude in cultivating a healthy and fulfilling connection based on love and desire. When individuals are self-aware and understand their own emotions and triggers, they can approach relationships with greater understanding and empathy for their partner or the person they desire. By nurturing a mindset of gratitude... View More

Sunflower | 16 October,2023 (16 October,2023 SG)

Meditation is a key of relaxation. From my research, meditation does “a set of techniques to enhance attention, emotional awareness, kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and mental calmness even in difficult situations”. With these techniques, you allow yourself to reflect and avoid from raging. Love & Desire is a small pleasure for human. When an individual is satisfied, the love &... View More

LifeChanger | 16 October,2023 (16 October,2023 SG)
Feelings are normal, it depends on how you react or reciprocate them.

The trick to overcome Greed and Anger is to analyze the nature of these feelings, understand the cause of it, then deal with them appropriately; cultivate a positive attitude, which automatically will counteract these negative feelings and then try to avoid situations in which these feelings arise. It is definitely not easy but with constant practice it will become a habit. Only a per... View More

BrilliantMind | 15 October,2023 (15 October,2023 SG)
Do not be jealous of others. We born with nothing and will die with nothing. So being greedy is of no use. It only brimg stress and anger.

What we have is fated. Maybe because of good karma some have better life than others. Just remember to do good and maybe good karma will come to us. View More

Panda25 | 15 October,2023 (15 October,2023 SG)
Greed & Anger eventually leads to one's downfall and unhappiness.

 View More

hafsa88 | 14 October,2023 (14 October,2023 SG)
The root cause of greed is comparison with others

Greed has been identified as undesirable through human history because it creates conflict between personal and social goals. Greed does not allow one to think neutrally , it takes away all rational thinking . For eg- excess eating may lead to obesity, excess drinking can cause fatal illness. The same way greed for power and wealth can also be dangerous not just individually but a... View More

Solomon | 14 October,2023 (14 October,2023 SG)
Gambling leads to more losses than gains.

It is okay to be hungry for success. However, when one tries to take shortcuts in life and is greedy, it will ultimately lead them to the wrong path. Success should only be achieved through effort and not through short term gains, which may eventually lead them to failure. As the saying goes, gambling will often lead to more losses than wins. Short term gains are only temporary and mo... View More

wjmgrr | 11 October,2023 (11 October,2023 SG)
To prevent love and desire from deteriorating into greed and anger, it's essential to cultivate self-awareness, practice empathy, and embrace gratitude. Un...

Love and desire are two of the most powerful and complex human emotions. They have the capacity to inspire acts of kindness, selflessness, and compassion. However, when left unchecked, they can metamorphose into greed and anger, causing harm to ourselves and those we care about. This essay explores the transformative journey from love and desire to greed and anger and offers insights ... View More

Knight07 | 08 October,2023 (09 October,2023 SG)
Sometimes, we do bad things out of impulse. It can be because of our mindless greed, or in a fit of rage. This essay hopes to give an insight into the pers...

It is important for us to constantly reflect before acting, as actions do have consequences. People have a natural nature of greed. A little bit of greed can be good. It helps us to be more loving of ourselves and allows us to be self sufficient in the things we are trying to amass. However, too much greed is pure selfishness. It is when we actually do not need the item anymore, and i... View More

Fast74 | 08 October,2023 (09 October,2023 SG)
To ensure that love and desire don't lead to greed and anger, focus on open communication, empathy, and self-awareness in your relationships. This can help...

This quote emphasizes the importance of approaching love and desire with a sense of detachment and without placing unrealistic expectations on them. When you love someone without expecting them to fulfill all your needs or desires, and when you desire something without becoming overly attached to it, you can experience a more enduring form of happiness. It suggests that by letting go ... View More

Zhouwx | 08 October,2023 (08 October,2023 SG)
Love is blind and ended up in greed .

The one that u choose , usually is very important . Your love , u spend all the time together with each other . She has the greatest influence on U . Choose wisely , people reveal who they are overtime . It might take 10 years or sometimes up to 20 years to reveal who they are . Especially for a guy , your wife has the greatest influence on u in the long run . My story , ... View More

Starry35 | 08 October,2023 (08 October,2023 SG)
Love and desire in moderation, else greed and anger in exaggeration

To have the right balance of love and desire, one must nurture healthy relationships, be self-reflective and open. When doing an action, think about the reasons and motivations behind it. "Are you doing it purely for happiness, self-motivation or simply material gain or control?" Not only that, we have to set healthy boundaries in order to prevent unhealthy desires from taking ove... View More

Breeze60 | 08 October,2023 (08 October,2023 SG)
Having a moderate amount of Love & Desire is the key to prevent Greed & Anger.

It is important to consume everything in moderation and this is applicable to the subject of Love & Desire as well. Too much of anything can be detrimental and hence the key not to let Love & Desire end up in Greed & Anger lies in the importance of having moderate amount of Love & Desire. Why is it detrimental to have too much of Love & Desire? Too much of Love turns into obsession... View More

Majestic | 08 October,2023 (08 October,2023 SG)
Maintaining a healthy balance between love and desire while avoiding greed and anger can be challenging, but it's possible with self-awareness and mindfuln...

1. Self-awareness: Recognize your emotions and motivations. Understand the difference between genuine love and desire and the destructive qualities of greed and anger. 2. Communicate openly: Talk with your partner about your feelings, needs, and boundaries. Effective communication can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts. 3. Practice gratitude: Focus on appreciating what you ... View More

WiseMind | 08 October,2023 (08 October,2023 SG)
Finding balance in love and desire through the lessons of a mother's unconditional love

Love is a universal desire, a force that can either enrich our lives or spiral into greed and anger. To explore this, let's contrast a mother's unconditional love for her child with the jealous fits that can plague couples. Unconditional Love: A Mother's Endless Affection A mother's love for her child is often seen as the epitome of love's purity, transcending boundaries and ex... View More

Antapex82 | 07 October,2023 (08 October,2023 SG)
Love and desire, when unchecked and consumed by greed and anger, can lead to the erosion of our relationships and inner peace. It's crucial to cultivate mi...

This quote highlights the delicate balance between love and desire, which are natural and essential aspects of the human experience, and the negative emotions of greed and anger. Love and desire can bring joy, fulfillment, and connection in our lives, much like seeds that can grow into beautiful flowers in a garden. However, when we let greed and anger take control, they can oversh... View More

Fragrance28 | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
To safeguard Love and Desire from devolving into Greed and Anger, practice mindfulness, cultivate empathy, balance priorities, and find contentment in what...

 View More

Shepherd03 | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
The Alchemy of Emotions: Balancing Love and Desire, Shielding Against Greed and Anger

Maintaining a healthy and balanced approach to love and desire to prevent them from turning into greed and anger is essential for harmonious relationships. Here are 10 impactful methods to achieve this. 1. Self-awareness: Start by being aware of your own feelings and intentions. Self-awareness can help you identify when your desires are becoming excessive or leading to negative emo... View More

Supershy87 | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
Love and desire, dont be greedy and angry

In the tapestry of my life, I've discovered that every moment is a brushstroke, crafting a unique masterpiece. This journey, an odyssey of the mind and soul, tests not only intelligence but the very essence of who I am. As a child, I was the inquisitive explorer of my own world. I reveled in the art of discovery, from the secrets of the backyard to the enigmas of the alphabet. Each... View More

Raffee18 | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
In order not to like love and desire become greed and anger, we need to practice 7 habits which I’ll be explaining below. It is always easy for the evil si...

Practicing self-control to prevent negative emotions like greed and anger from taking over requires ongoing effort and mindfulness. Here are some strategies to help you develop better self-control: * Self-awareness: Pay close attention to your emotions and recognize the early signs of greed and anger. Awareness is the first step in controlling them. * Pause and breathe: When you... View More

Northlight83 | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
Greed and Desire

Anger and lust are not the spice of human emotions, but disorder, Ego, greed, and attachment are also disorders, not just anger and lust. Salvation is possible only when we have to conquer these disorders, otherwise anger, lust, greed was never fulfilled of anyone, and when man's desires are not fulfilled, then he is born again, born again and again. , And bear sorrow in this wo... View More

Vict338 | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
To prevent love and desire from turning into greed and anger, prioritize emotional intelligence and empathy. Understand that both you and your partner have...

In the realm of emotions, where love and desire dance in the heart's theater, preventing their transformation into greed and anger demands a deep understanding of the human experience. To navigate this terrain, one must embark on a journey of emotional intelligence, marked by empathetic communication and a willingness to find common ground. In this intricate dance, empathy serves a... View More

BrightCity | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
Greed & Desire

An anger transformed becomes compassion, sex transformed becomes prayer, greed transformed becomes sharing.. The embarrasment after the anger is the biggest humiliation a person can experience.. Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding. View More

Venus88 | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
how to not let love and desire end up in green and anger

Maintaining a healthy balance between love and desire while avoiding greed and anger can be challenging but is essential for fulfilling relationships. 1. Self-awareness: Understand your own desires and motivations. Self-awareness can help you recognize when desire is turning into greed or when love is leading to anger. 2. Communication: Open and honest communication with your pa... View More

Fast83 | 07 October,2023 (07 October,2023 SG)
Maintaining a healthy balance between love, desire, greed, and anger requires self-awareness and conscious effort.

Love and desire, when tempered with mindfulness and gratitude, create a bond that withstands the storms of greed and anger. In the gentle embrace of self-awareness and open communication, we find the strength to navigate the complexities of our desires without succumbing to the temptations of excessive greed or the destructive force of unchecked anger. This delicate balance, like a we... View More